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11 February 2021

Namaste All
We hope you are all keeping well.

Due to the current state of the pandemic, it has been decided that for the second year we will not be able to safely hold the AGM by end of March. We will try and hold the AGM as soon as it is practically possible to ensure the safety of our members and when legally allowed to have larger gatherings. Until we can safely hold the next AGM, the current set of committee members and trustees have agreed to remain in place.

In the meantime, please be reassured that the current committee and trustees have been working behind the scenes to ensure that the Temple is still maintained and managed effectively. Although we can't hold the AGM, but as our constitution demands, we will still be sending to our members only, the audited set of accounts. During these trying times, we thank everyone who has donated to the Temple to ensure that we do not eat into our reserves too much.

During the lockdowns, we have tried to keep the community engaged by running as many events online as possible. For this, our pujari Shree Riteshbhai has done a splendid job. We will continue to run as many online events as possible until the Government allows us to safely reopen so that we can hold the events as before. We thank you all for the online participation in the events.

Please note that the closure of the Temple has been reviewed and it will remain closed to the public for the present.

Vedic Society Hindu Temple Committee

22 December 2020

The Temple will be closed to the public until further notice.
The Sunday morning Temple opening will now stop until further notice.

We have had a robust Covid-secure system in place at the Temple and to date there have been no cases arising from the Temple. However there is a new variant of Coronavirus that is much more infectious that has emerged in South-East England recently. For the safety of the community, the volunteers and the priest the Temple will be closed to the public until further notice.

We will closely monitor the situation and review this policy as the situation changes.

Please follow the advice of the authorities.
Please maintain social distancing, regular hand-washing and wearing a face mask.
Please accept the Coronavirus vaccination when offered to you.
Keep Safe and Stay Well.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
Vedic Society Hindu Temple Committee

Covid-19 Vaccinations

17 January 2021

Namaste and Jai Shri Krishna

We hope you are all keeping well.

We are currently facing a serious situation with widespread Covid-19 in the wider community. The NHS is under serious pressure. A major part of the solution is Covid-19 vaccination.

We endorse and recommend the MHRA approved Pfizer-BioNTech, Oxford-AstraZeneca and Moderna vaccines for eligible at-risk individuals.

We encourage all of our community to accept the Covid-19 vaccination when it is recommended for you.
It is provided free on the NHS and is not available privately.

People have many questions. We have tried to answer some of these below.

There is link to the BBC website where there is information in 5 languages – Gujarati, Punjabi, Sylheti, Tamil and Urdu.

Please share these widely.

Frequently asked questions.

The vaccines have been approved in the UK by the MHRA (Medicines & Health care products Regulatory Agency). MHRA is an independent authority that is responsible for ensuring that medicines, medical devices and vaccinations meet applicable standards of safety, quality and efficacy. They have a stringent and rigorous process for all medicines and vaccinations to be approved.

The Covid-19 vaccines have also been approved in other parts of the world such as the USA and Europe by their independent regulatory authorities.

There are no animal products and no eggs in the vaccines. They are vegetarian and vegan.

The known side effects are similar to other vaccinations: pain in the site of the injection, body aches, mild fever, tiredness. All lasting for 1 or 2 days after the vaccination. After 3 million doses of vaccination given in the UK, there have been no major side effects.

No. The vaccines do not give you Covid-19 infection. They give the body’s immune system a look at the proteins on the surface of the coronavirus. The immune system develops antibodies to these proteins. These antibodies attack the coronavirus if it invades your body.

The vaccines are a major part of the solution. However for the next few months we will still need to continue with social distancing, hand washing and wearing a mask.

The ethnic minorities are at a higher risk of Covid-19 complications and death. The older age groups and those with chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiac and respiratory problems are also at a high risk. Many of our community fall into these high-risk categories. They have the most to benefit from the vaccines.

Those who have an allergy to the vaccines should not take the vaccine. Those who have a significant history of allergies should speak to their doctor for advice.

Pregnant women and those breast-feeding. The available data do not indicate any safety concern or harm to pregnancy but there is insufficient evidence to recommend routine use of COVID-19 vaccines during pregnancy.

However, if a pregnant woman meets the definition of being clinically extremely vulnerable, then she should discuss the options of COVID-19 vaccination with her obstetrician and/or doctor. For full advice click here.

This is a rapidly evolving field and we will review this position in light of any new information. However, knowing that 3 million people in the UK have been vaccinated already without any major problems is very reassuring.

For more information click here

Balancing the current evidence on the vaccines, understanding all the concerns and knowing the risks of the coronavirus, we recommend the Covid-19 vaccines to all those eligible at-risk individuals in our community.

Vedic Society of Southampton Committee


29 July 2020

Due to Covid-19 restrictions and to ensure safety for all devotees, we have implemented a one way system in the temple, hand sanitising, temperature measurements and contact tracing. However, to ensure that all this is done, we need volunteers. This will allow us to open the temple for longer periods. If you are able to volunteer then please contact the Vedic Committee by email: or

In line with the UK government guidance, the Temple will open for personal prayers and darshan only.

Those who come to the Temple must take responsibility for their health. Only a limited number will be allowed into the Temple at any one time. Your support, cooperation and patience are greatly appreciated.

Please do not come to the Temple if:
▪ you or anyone in your household have high fever, new continuous cough, loss of taste & smell or not well (cold or flu).
▪ you had close contact with a person who may have Covid19.
▪ anyone in your household is self-isolating or has been asked to self-isolate by Test & Trace.
▪ you or anyone in your household have travelled in the past 14 days and are self-isolating.

Please do not bring any prasad. Instead please consider making a donation.
Please do bring a mask or face covering with you when you attend.
Please be prepared to give your name and contact details.
Please do not bring anything else to the Temple.
Please follow the rules as given below.

For everyone’s safety the following measures will apply:
• You will be required to give your name and contact details to assist NHS with contact tracing. This record will be deleted after 21 days.
• Please use the hand sanitisers provided when you enter and leave the Temple.
• Please wear a mask or any suitable face covering.
• No bell ringing.
• No prostrating.
• No abhishekum of Shivling (please do not bring milk).
• Do not bring any prasad or any offerings.
• Please do not touch anything in the Temple.
• No touching of any murtis.
• Avoid touching the handrails.
• No singing or chanting. Please keep talking to a minimum.
• Please keep to the 2-metre distance within the Temple, but if you are from the same household you can do darshan together. A household is a person or a group of people who live together in the same accommodation.
• It is strongly advised that social distancing is maintained with other households.
• Parents or guardians should ensure children maintain social distancing. Please do not bring children under age of 5 years as small children can find social distancing difficult. Parents are responsible for their children at all times.
• Devotees over the age of 70 and those who are vulnerable with underlying health conditions are advised to stay at home.
• Please restrict your time in the Temple to a few minutes only.
• Please maintain social distancing outside and please do not congregate in the car park outside.

Click here for the full government guidance for places of worship

These rules will be adhered to strictly for everyone and are for the safety of all. Failure to comply with these rules will mean admission to the Temple will not be possible.

We request that you do not bring any offerings to the Temple so as to protect the rest of the community, especially our Priest Shree Riteshbhai, the volunteers and all the devotees who attend the Temple.

If you do bring such items then you will be politely requested to take the items away.
This is very difficult for the volunteers to do.
Please do not put them in such an awkward situation.
Please let us be sensible and follow the rules.

If we do not follow the rules, we risk another complete closure of the Temple.


If you become unwell with Covid19 symptoms after visiting the Temple please inform the Vedic Society Hindu Temple by telephone
Landline: 02380 632 275 or
Mobile:    07 400 142 356 or
Email: or

The Committee will review these measures periodically, taking in to account any new guidance issued by the government and our ability to meet them, and inform you accordingly.


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